Whats in Novembers cheese club?

Whats in Novembers cheese club?

Are you a cheese lover looking to expand your palate? Look no further than November's Cheese Club! This month's selection features a delightful assortment of artisanal cheeses from around the world. Let's take a closer look at what's in store:


Gubeen is a beloved Irish cheese crafted by the talented cheesemaker Giana Ferguson in County Cork. This semi-soft cheese is made from cow's milk and has a creamy, buttery texture. Its flavor profile is mild and slightly nutty, with hints of earthiness. Gubeen is a versatile cheese that pairs well with fruits, crackers, and even a glass of red wine.

Grand Noir

For blue cheese enthusiasts, the Soft Creamy Blue Grand Noir from Bavaria, Germany, is a true delight. This cheese is known for its rich, creamy texture and bold, tangy flavor. The blue veins running through the cheese add a beautiful visual appeal. Whether enjoyed on its own or crumbled over a salad, this cheese is sure to impress.

Rainton Tomme

Next up is the Rainton Tomme, a cheese produced by the Ethical Dairy. This Scottish cheese is made using traditional methods and high-quality milk from their own herd of cows. Rainton Tomme is a semi-hard cheese with a smooth, creamy texture and a slightly sweet and nutty taste. It pairs wonderfully with crusty bread and a dollop of chutney.

Clava Organic

Lastly, we have the Clava Organic cheese from Connage Dairy. This Scottish cheese is made using organic milk from their own herd of cows. Clava Organic is a semi-soft cheese with a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth texture. It has a delicate, slightly tangy flavour with subtle hints of grass and herbs. Enjoy it on a cheese board with some fresh fruits and a drizzle of honey.

November's Cheese Club offers a diverse selection of cheeses that are sure to please any cheese connoisseur. Whether you're a fan of creamy blues, semi-soft delights, or organic options, this month's selection has something for everyone. Treat yourself or surprise a cheese-loving friend with these exceptional cheeses. Happy tasting!

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