Cheese Club (March 2023)

Cheese Club (March 2023)


‘Sharp & Nutty’

Stewarton, Scotland

Nutty, herbaceous, sometimes smokey finish with a sweet lemony tang. Smooth and crumbly texture, Bonnet is one the fine handmade cheeses from Ann Dorward, at Clerkland Farm, Stewarton, Ayrshire. Produced from the family’s herd of Swiss Saanen goats, Bonnet is matured for six months, developing a thin rind. As it ripens the paste gets softer, smoother and creamier. The name comes from the nickname for Stewarton, the Bonnet Toun, which has been producing Scottish headwear since at least the 16th century.

Style: Hard
Milk variety: Goat’s
Type: Pasteurised
Rennet: Vegetarian
Country of origin: Scotland



‘Deep & Smooth’

Cork, Ireland

Made by Giana Ferguson in County Cork, whose wealth of knowledge comes from having helped her father make cheese in Spain before gaining further experience in France. Her husband Tom is the sixth generation of Fergusons to have farmed at Gubbeen. This marriage of farming heritage and cheesemaking
experience has made for a cheese which is truly unique. ‘Microbacterium gubbeenense’ is an organism native to the farm, which influences the texture and flavour, the growth of which is encouraged by regularly washing the cheeses in brine. resulting in a deep and smooth flavour

Style: Semi-Soft
Milk variety: Cow’s
Type: Pasteurised
Rennet: Traditional
Country of origin: Ireland


Cashel Blue

‘Subtle & Buttery’

Tipperary, Ireland

Made in County Tipperary in Ireland, Cashel is best known for its creamy, buttery texture and subtle blue flavour. Established in 1984, Cashel Blue is the original Irish farmhouse cow’s milk blue cheese. Cashel Blue is a unique creation of Jane and Louis Grubb. Developed at a time when softer blue cheeses were a rarity in the English speaking world, Cashel Blue truly set the trend as an alternative to the traditional and stronger Blue Stilton.

Style: Blue
Milk variety: Cow’s
Type: Pasteurised
Rennet: Vegetarian Country of origin: Ireland


‘Mellow & Grassy’

Cork, Ireland

Created by Jeffa Gill in 1979 to provide for her family from her own small holding in West Cork and to capture something of the beauty of the area in her unique hand-crafted cheeses. 40 years on, the cheese is still made by hand using traditional techniques. Durrus cheese has a natural rind that is developed slowly by washing it with cultures that are specific to the dairy. These cultures develop the mottled pinkish skin as the cheese ripens in curing rooms. The flavour of Durrus can range from mild, mellow and grassy when young to rich, strong and earthy when aged.

Style: Semi-Soft
Milk variety: Cow’s
Type: Pasteurised
Rennet: Traditional Country of origin: Ireland

View our Cheese Club Subscription Here.

Our West Coast Delicatessen subscription cheese boxes feature a handpicked selection of some of our favourite seasonal cheeses. Each one carefully selected and hand-cut by our Cheesemonger and designed to make a delicious and varied cheeseboard. Beautifully presented, they make the perfect gift.

The selection will change each month and we guarantee a minimum of 800 grams of cheese with accompaniments and tasting notes in each box.

We ship the boxes out during the third week of each month. Please let us know if you plan to be away and we will ensure the cheese box is sent on an alternative date.

We pride ourselves on the freshness of our products and all cheese boxes are made to order. Occasionally, in unforeseen circumstances, it may be necessary for us to substitute an item, in this situation, the item will be of equal or greater value to that which it replaces.

If you have any dietary requirements with regards to the cheese selection, please do email us to let us know and we will endeavour to adapt the boxes accordingly.

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