Cheese Club (April 23)

Cheese Club (April 23)

Landana Rosso

‘Spicy & nutty’

Groene Hart, Netherlands

The Landana Rosso has a special taste due to it’s special ripening process. The cheese is matured in special rooms with an atmosphere as in
underground caves. During this ripening process, the cheese is washed on the outside with a mix of brine, white wine and coryne bacterial culture. This creates the full taste and characteristic colour of the Landana Goat Cheese Rosso.

Style: Hard
Milk variety: Goat’s
Type: Pasteurised
Rennet: Vegetarian
Country of origin: Netherlands


Taleggio west coast deli cheese


‘Soft & Tangy’

Lombardy, Italy

Taleggio is a smear-ripened Italian cheese named after the caves of Val Taleggio. It is one of the oldest soft cheeses produced in Italy every autumn and winter. The cheese has a strong smell, but the taste is relatively mild with an unusual fruity tang. Taleggio can be served grated on salads. Since it melts well, it can be used in risotto or on polenta.

Style: Soft
Milk variety: Cow’s
Type: Pasteurised
Rennet: Traditional
Country of origin: Italy


Rainton tomme cheese west coast deli

Rainton Tomme

‘Sweet & Grassy’

Dumfries, Scotland

An alpine-style hard cheese with a slightly lower acidity, flavours of yoghurt and nuts and slightly grassy notes. It will dry naturally with age. Made with by David and Wilma from the Ethical Dairy near Dumfries. Rainton Tomme is made with vegetarian rennet and raw milk from their cow with calf dairy farm. The cheese gets its name from Rainton Farm situated near the Galloway hills, where the ethical dairy have been farming organically for 20 years.

Style: Hard
Milk variety: Cow’s
Type: Unpasteurised
Rennet: Vegetarian Country of origin: Scotland


Grand Noir cheese west coast deli

Grand Noir

‘Light & Creamy’

Bavaria, Germany

Grand Noir starts with the very best fresh milk from regional farms in
Bavaria, Germany, and is carefully dipped in black wax and then aged at cool temperatures to develop a luscious and creamy texture and delightfully bold blue notes. This silky blue cheese has an elegance all its own.

Style: Soft-Blue
Milk variety: Cow’s
Type: Pasteurised
Rennet: Vegetarian
Country of origin: Germany

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Our West Coast Delicatessen subscription cheese boxes feature a handpicked selection of some of our favourite seasonal cheeses. Each one carefully selected and hand-cut by our Cheesemonger and designed to make a delicious and varied cheeseboard. Beautifully presented, they make the perfect gift.

The selection will change each month and we guarantee a minimum of 800 grams of cheese with accompaniments and tasting notes in each box.

We ship the boxes out during the third week of each month. Please let us know if you plan to be away and we will ensure the cheese box is sent on an alternative date.

We pride ourselves on the freshness of our products and all cheese boxes are made to order. Occasionally, in unforeseen circumstances, it may be necessary for us to substitute an item, in this situation, the item will be of equal or greater value to that which it replaces.

If you have any dietary requirements with regards to the cheese selection, please do email us to let us know and we will endeavour to adapt the boxes accordingly.

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